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An open software ecosystem is critical to enable developers to write AI software that takes full advantage of the latest processors.

Computer vision at the edge need to deal deal with distorted images from wide-angle lenses, image stabilization, low-light conditions, etc.

In recent years, visual effects in movies and television have grown both more sophisticated and more ubiquitous.

Intel began the Computer Vision Annotation Tool project a few years ago in order to speed up the annotation of digital images and videos.

Seems like this is the right time to again write about what’s going on in automotive sensing and perception

To achieve effects automatically, the camera needs a way to understand what the subject of interest is and where it is in the frame.

When deep learning engineers hear “image classification”, they think about ResNet.

Why are darkness and bad weather considered “corner cases” by the industry?

Part two of this series shows how a spiking neuromorphic processor can deliver surprising gains in performance and efficiency.

Region of Interest (ROI) trackers are used for tracking arbitrary moving objects or regions of an image.