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The analogy with biological vision can help us figure out which computer vision capabilities and applications are worthwhile, vs novelties.

Movies are often great predictors of the future.

Medicine, and research in particular, require cameras that perform well day after day in the important work being done for and by humans.

This successful game allows users to capture, train, and battle virtual creatures in real life surroundings.

Apical has brought industry-leading computer vision technology into the ARM product roadmap.

Augmented and virtual reality have long held enormous promise, but the challenge of making them work robustly has severely limited their use

The automotive and transportation industries are very large markets that are in rapid transformation.

For devices that interact with the physical world, it’s important to know not only what objects are in the vicinity, but also where they are

Apple wasn't the first to have a dual camera smartphone, but the company is the bellwether in this domain for driving mainstream features.

Additional in-depth resources focus on using various vision processor types for deep learning applications.