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In the consumer market, one of the most interesting uses of new vision technologies is the creation of more natural user interfaces.

New image sensor capabilities (3D, resolution, frame rate, dynamic range, etc) have a dramatic impact on system architecture and algorithms.

Machines that see and understand are only as good as their image sensors. But I used to think that processors and algorithms were the key.

Today, computer vision is in a growing range of high-volume products. Automotive safety is one such fast-growth embedded vision application.

I’m thrilled to welcome you to the web site of the Embedded Vision Alliance. Embedded vision has vast potential. Plus, it’s really cool!

An embedded system designer with a computer vision project? Or a computer vision expert who needs to port algorithms to an embedded system?

This 3-minute video clip shows a few examples of embedded vision, and was created for a panel at the Future in Review conference.