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Press Releases

Morpho’s licenses for image processing technologies are embedded in smartphones and mobile phones worldwide.

The embedded driver-assistance system detects people wearing high-visibility clothing in the dark and in bright light.

Basler AG presents its high-performance portfolio for Medical & Life Sciences applications, including Embedded Vision Solutions.

A powerhouse of AI computing, Atlas 900 will help make AI more available for different fields of scientific research and business innovation

Advancing intelligence in ICT products and solutions to help enterprises succeed in digital transformation.

Multi-camera system features ON Semi’s RGB-IR image sensor, Ambarella’s RGB-IR video processing SoC, and Eyeris’ scene understanding AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks are becoming a key factor in developing safer, smart, and eco-friendly cars.

single-chip image sensor and signal processor enables best image quality and smallest modules for automotive viewing cameras.

NeoPro-S offers 50% higher performance, vastly improved power and memory bandwidth efficiencies, scalable from 2 to 100 TOPS.

The use of synthetic data improves accuracy of neural networks, can actively reduce bias and vastly reduce the amount of real data required.