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SoC uses advanced pixel technology, featuring compact size, top VGA camera performance and maximum notebook battery life.

In last year's awards, Morpho’s deep learning high-speed inference software “SoftNeuro” won "Best AI technology".

CameraCubeChip module provides low power consumption via multiple standby modes, along with faster global shutter capture and processing.

Industry awards recognize visual AI innovation and leadership.

With a multi-sensor platform, FRAMOS is launching a completely new solution to support stereo, dual stereo and all-round applications.

Sensor enables single camera for 2-in-1 convertible laptops, along with greater accuracy for IR facial recognition and high quality color.

Invertible Light projects a regular dot pattern on an object using only a projector and image sensor, a breakthrough in optics & mathematics

Award-winning sensAI solutions now supported by expanded partner ecosystem.

The Allegro IVD 6MP Smart Camera, along with Clarity 3.0 software, can accurately detect and screen diagnostic samples in a timely manner.

Low power consumption sensor enables rear view and surround view cameras with excellent image quality and extended scene detail.