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Technical Articles

Three fundamental factors are driving the accelerating proliferation of visual perception, and four key trends underlie these factors.

High-sensitivity image processing cameras are essential for achieving a quality video image with low noise even in poor lighting conditions.

AI, is everywhere. It’s a revolutionary technology that is slowly pervading more industries than you can imagine.


It is both sprinter and marathon runner at once: CoaXPress, the standard for high data rates.

An ISP in combination with a vision processor can deliver more robust processing capabilities than vision processing can provide standalone.


Combining visible light image sensors with other situational and positional awareness sensor technologies can notably bolster autonomy.


For nearly every sensor model, there is a considerable number of cameras from different manufacturers in which it is used.

The Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit from Intel helps deliver optimized inferencing on Intel® architecture.

Calibration is a key step in the process of going from raw video data to metadata that can be analyzed for actionable insights.


As we design deep learning networks, how can we quickly prototype the complete algorithm to get a sense of timing and performance on GPUs?