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Technical Articles

The robustness and reliability of a self-driving car’s computer vision system has received a lot of news coverage.

Real-time capability is especially relevant for applications where speed is crucial or when activity must be synchronized with other systems

Both CCD and CMOS sensors convert light to electrical signals. The sensors differ primarily in their underlying technological setup.

There are many changes afoot right now in 3D imaging processes, with 3D technology generally taking on a larger role in machine vision.

A powerful generation of processing boards is now capable of replacing much of the work previously performed by PC-based systems.

The Vision AccelerationPac has specific hardware units and custom pipelines that are fully programmable from a high-level language.

Whether it is embedded processors, a full signal chain, interfaces or power, TI has the right solution for ADAS.

Many image processing applications in which humans will make the final interpretation are designed to optimize color reproduction for humans

Software is an integral part of, and is critical in building, ADAS systems that meets overall embedded product requirements.

This article provides an in-depth overview of VDMA use cases for TySOM reference designs.