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Technical Articles

This article reviews deep learning implementation options such as heterogeneous processing, network quantization, and software optimizations


To achieve the lowest power with the best CNN graph performance in an ASIC or SoC, designers are turning to dedicated CNN engines.

The ability to stitch together multiple images, capturing varying viewpoints of a scene, is becoming increasingly valuable in applications.


The rapid rise in the number of sensors, low-cost cameras and displays in embedded designs have opened the door to new applications.

Ultimately, having “autonomous vision” systems that see and perceive much more clearly than today is fundamental to enabling safer vehicles.

Before launching into the design of an image processing system, a variety of considerations that must be made for all components being used.

The Neural Network Exchange Format (NNEF) is a universal standard that the whole ecosystem will be able to depend on.

The "magic" in intelligent systems can happen in the cloud, the device, or both. Take care about where and how these algorithms are deployed

Electronic devices are getting smarter each day, and they have one thing in common: they're connected over the Internet.

The BOSCH Visiontec team develops state-of-the-art IP and ICs that implement algorithms to recognize images from cameras in automobiles.