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Technical Articles

The next engineering frontier, arguably the most challenging for the technology community, is real-time machine vision and intelligence.


An embedded vision solution with a USB 3.0 board-level camera.

Expanding the analysis range to encompass the infrared and/or ultraviolet spectrum can be of great benefit in a range of vision applications


We employ "lean" thinking to embedded vision applications by applying mathematical camera models to understand the tradeoffs.

With the emergence of the "smart factory," visual intelligence will further evolve and mature, as well as expand into new applications.


Embedded vision solutions will be a key enabler for making automobiles fully autonomous.

The key driver behind mobile adoption of deep learning is the time and expense of sending device data across a network connection.

Deep learning-based vision processing is an increasingly popular and robust alternative to classical computer vision algorithms.


Image processing can optionally take place within the edge device, in a network-connected cloud server, or subdivided among these locations.


A status report with a focus on deep learning and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs).