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Technical Articles

This chapter introduces OpenCL, pyramid, and the suitability of pyramid for GPU compute.


PowerVR Rogue, the most recent version of Imagination Technologies' GPU architecture, fully supports mobile compute for a variety of uses.

CPU scalar code performance depends on speed of instruction sequence execution. Quantifying GPU vector code performance is more difficult.

AR has been here for decades. Consumer experiments such as Google Glass have come and gone. So what is new this time?

TI’s advanced electronic solutions and research help auto makers build scalable, evolving systems for ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

TI technology enables advanced driver assistance, paving the way toward autonomous vehicle operation.

Real-time assessments of age range, gender, ethnicity, gaze direction, attention span, emotional state and other attributes are now possible


Cameras, along with the interfaces that connect them to the remainder of the system, are critical aspects of any computer vision design.


This chapter describes how to re-use the sample implementation and test the performance of optimizations.


Most flows use EGL to facilitate the sharing of objects between multiple client APIs, requiring the Khronos extension CL_KHR_EGL_IMAGE.