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2019 Vision Product of the Year Award Winner Showcase: Horizon Robotics (Automotive Solutions)

Horizon Robotics' Horizon Matrix is the 2019 Vision Product of the Year Award Winner in the Automotive Solutions category. The Horizon Matrix is an open autonomous driving computing platform. The platform is based on Horizon Robotics’ own edge AI processing unit, BPU2.0, including both hardware and deep learning software technologies. The design is power efficient, yet it delivers a powerful visual perception computing capability that are already in use in L3 and L4 driving automation systems. Thanks to its open design, the platform offers developers the freedom to implement perceptual and sensing tasks with their preferred algorithms and models.

“It's a great honor for Horizon Matrix to be recognized as the 'Best Automotive Solution' by the Embedded Vision Alliance. Horizon Matrix is a high-level autonomous driving computing platform based on Horizon Robotics' second generation BPU – Bernoulli Architecture. It is designed to fulfill multiple computation-intensive and mission-critical tasks for SAE L3 and L4 autonomous driving systems.”
Yufeng Zhang, Vice President and General Manager of Automotive Business, Horizon Robotics

Horizon Robotics is a world-leading provider of edge artificial intelligence (AI) platforms. With smart mobility, smart city and smart retail as main application scenarios, Horizon Robotics is dedicated to providing customers with open software platforms and application solutions based on its self-developed AI chips and algorithm software. With world-leading capabilities for deep learning and development of decision inference algorithms, Horizon Robotics integrates algorithms into high-performance, low-power and low-cost edge AI processors and hardware/software platforms. Based on the innovative AI processor architecture Brain Processing Unit (BPU), Horizon Robotics has independently designed and developed China's first world-leading edge AI vision chips - Journey processors for smart mobility and Sunrise processors for smart cameras, and provides customers in the industry with a complete solution of “algorithm + chip + cloud”. To learn more about Horizon Robotics, please visit

Video by Yuan Li, Director of the AI Lab at Horizon Robotics

This award was presented at the 2019 Embedded Vision Summit; the program is organized by the Embedded Vision Alliance.