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Platinum Members of the Embedded Vision Alliance

Leadership for Embedded Computer Vision

Every successful market needs leadership from the companies that recognize the opportunity and then take an active role in building the entire industry ecosystem. Computer vision has been around for decades, but now it is poised for rapid adoption in a wide range of embedded systems. Several companies actively support the goals of the Embedded Vision Alliance™ to build a community of resources for developing computer vision applications. To research the details and quickly find a solution that meets your design requirements, visit the following EVA web pages. The information is organized to focus on vendor components and software that are specific to computer vision applications. In addition, Platinum Members have created original technical content to help the Alliance community and accelerate the growth of the entire embedded vision industry.



BDTI is the industry’s trusted source for analysis, advice, and engineering for embedded processing technology and applications. For over 25 years, BDTI has helped companies develop, choose, and use signal processing technology. Our expertise in architectures, algorithms, and tools helps our clients reach the market faster, with less risk and better products. Although computer vision has a relatively short history, BDTI has deep experience. BDTI’s engineers have helped companies design processing architectures for computer vision applications, implement applications for automotive driver assistance and safety, and design and implement algorithms for industrial control. BDTI has led the formation of the Embedded Vision Alliance in the belief that computer vision will bring dramatic benefits to users and provide high-growth opportunities in consumer, medical, automotive, entertainment, industrial, and retail markets.

Xilinx Xilinx was the first Platinum Member and a driving force behind the creation of the Embedded Vision Alliance. The programmable logic devices from Xilinx already enable embedded vision markets to deliver products for applications that require programmable, high-performance computing. Xilinx is investing in a host of new technologies that are tailored for embedded vision applications. In addition, Xilinx has led the industry in developing programmable platforms to help system architects, hardware and software developers accelerate computer vision algorithms, gaining the benefits of customized hardware, while maintaining the productivity of software-based development. Learn more about Xilinx here.