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"The Coming Shift from Image Sensors to Image Sensing," a Presentation from LG

Paul Gallagher, Senior Director of Technology and Product Planning for LG, presents the "Coming Shift from Image Sensors to Image Sensing" tutorial at the May 2017 Embedded Vision Summit.

The image sensor space is entering the fourth disruption in its evolution. The first three disruptions primarily focused on taking “pretty pictures” for human consumption, evaluation, and storage. The coming disruption will be driven by machine vision moving into the mainstream. Smart homes, offices, cars, devices – as well as AR/MR, biometrics and crowd monitoring – all need to run image data through a processor to activate responses without human viewing. The opportunity this presents is massive, but as the growth efficiencies come into play the solutions will become specialized.

This talk highlights the opportunities that the emerging shift to image-based sensing will bring throughout the imaging and vision industry. It explores the ingredients that industry participants will need in order to capitalize on these opportunities, and why the entrenched players may not be at as great an advantage as might be expected.