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"Getting from Idea to Product with 3D Vision," a Presentation from Intel and MathWorks

Anavai Ramesh, Senior Software Engineer at Intel, and Avinash Nehemiah, Product Marketing Manager for Computer Vision at MathWorks, present the "Getting from Idea to Product with 3D Vision" tutorial at the May 2016 Embedded Vision Summit.

To safely navigate autonomously, cars, drones and robots need to understand their surroundings in three dimensions. While 3D vision has been studied in academia for decades, it has only recently begun to be incorporated into commercial systems. For system developers, 3D vision brings a slew of new concepts, terminology, and algorithms – such as SLAM, SFM and visual odometry. This talk focuses on challenges engineers are likely to face while incorporating 3D vision algorithms into their products and discusses practical approaches to solving these problems in real-world autonomous systems.