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"Semantic Segmentation for Scene Understanding: Algorithms and Implementations," a Presentation from Auviz Systems

Nagesh Gupta, Founder and CEO of Auviz Systems, presents the "Semantic Segmentation for Scene Understanding: Algorithms and Implementations" tutorial at the May 2016 Embedded Vision Summit.

Recent research in deep learning provides powerful tools that begin to address the daunting problem of automated scene understanding. Modifying deep learning methods, such as CNNs, to classify pixels in a scene with the help of the neighboring pixels has provided very good results in semantic segmentation. This technique provides a good starting point towards understanding a scene. A second challenge is how such algorithms can be deployed on embedded hardware at the performance required for real-world applications. A variety of approaches are being pursued for this, including GPUs, FPGAs, and dedicated hardware.

This talk provides insights into deep learning solutions for semantic segmentation, focusing on current state of the art algorithms and implementation choices. Gupta discusses the effect of porting these algorithms to fixed-point representation and the pros and cons of implementing them on FPGAs.