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Vision Product of the Year Awards

The Embedded Vision Alliance is excited to announce the 2019 Vision Product of the Year Awards.

The Vision Product of the Year Awards are open to Member companies of the Embedded Vision Alliance and celebrate the innovation of the industry's leading companies that are developing and enabling the next generation of computer vision products. Winning a Vision Product of the Year award recognizes your leadership in computer vision as evaluated by independent industry experts.


  • Open to members of the Embedded Vision Alliance
  • Members are encouraged to submit multiple products and/or multiple categories
  • Winning entries are chosen by an independent panel of judges
  • $495 submission fee per entry
  • Entry is now closed
  • Winning entries will be announced at the Embedded Vision Summit, May 20-23, 2019, Santa Clara Convention Center

We are no longer accepting entries for the 2019 Vision Product of the Year awards.

Entry Benefits

Winning a Vision Product of the Year Award provides valuable benefits to Embedded Vision Alliance Member companies, including:

  • Validate your leadership and innovation with selection by independent industry experts.
  • Differentiate your product or service through use of the Vision Product of the Year Award logo on your marketing materials.
  • Showcase your Vision Product of the Year Award trophy to current and prospective customers, partners, investors and employees.
  • Promote your product or service through the Embedded Vision Alliance press release, website and newsletters.
  • Reach qualified sales prospects through the Embedded Vision Alliance’s highly targeted audience.
  • Generate industry awareness through press coverage for your winning products or services.

Promotion Program for Award Winners

The Embedded Vision Alliance has launched a new year-long promotion program to augment and amplify each of the winning company's own award promotional efforts. The key elements of the Award Promotion Program include:

Promotion of each winning company on the Alliance website home page

  • Winner highlighted for two weeks, three times per year, for a total of six weeks' exposure.

Winning companies can select from a number of options for promotion on the Alliance website:

  • Winner showcase - a brief article about the winning company and product.
  • Technology deep dive - a link to winner-provided technical content (e.g. white paper, demo, etc.)
  • Interview-style article - produced jointly with the winner.
  • Video Interview - recorded at the Embedded Vision Summit (2-3 minutes).

The winner for each category will hold the Vision Product of the Year Award title for a year- so you will enjoy many opportunities to reap the promotional benefits!

Award Categories

Entries for multiple products can be submitted for one or more of these Award categories:

Judging Criteria

The Vision Product of the Year Award winners are selected by an independent panel of judges, and based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation. Describe your product highlighting your innovation and unique features.
  • Differentiation. How does your product compare to the closest competitor?
  • Customer Impact. How does your product create new value for your customers? What does your product enable your customers to do that they could not do previously?
  • Market Impact. How has your product been received in the market? Provide links to press coverage, market research reports, customer usage, interviews, etc.

Contest Rules

We hope that these Contest Rules will answer any questions about submitting your entry. If you need additional information, please check out our FAQ or contact us at