Applied Depth Sensing with Intel RealSense

Wednesday, May 22, 4:20 PM - 4:50 PM
Summit Track: 
Enabling Technologies
Exhibit Hall ET 1

As robust depth cameras become more affordable, many new products will benefit from true 3D vision. This presentation will highlight the benefits of depth sensing for tasks such as autonomous navigation, collision avoidance and object detection in robots and drones. We will explore a fully functional SLAM pipeline built using free and open source software components and an off-the-shelf Intel RealSense D435i depth camera, and see how it performs for real-time environment mapping and tracking.


Sergey Dorodnicov

Software Architect, Intel

Sergey is the maintainer of the RealSense open source project and a manager at Intel. He has been with Intel RealSense for five years, leading the transformation of RealSense into an open, multi-platform technology. Before joining Intel, Sergey developed and managed multiple advanced computer vision projects. He has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science from the Ben-Gurion University, Israel. Sergey has had a life-long fascination with technology, and enjoys contributing to open-source projects (including the Linux kernel) as well as speaking and writing about software engineering.

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