Building Complete Embedded Vision Systems on Linux – From Camera to Display

Wednesday, May 22, 4:20 PM - 4:50 PM
Summit Track: 
Room 203/204

There's a huge wealth of open-source software components available today for embedding vision on the latest SoCs from suppliers such as NXP, Broadcom, TI and NVIDIA, at lower power and cost points than ever before. Testing vision algorithms is the first step, but what about the rest of your system? In this talk, we will consider the best open-source components available today and explain how to select and integrate them to build complete video pipelines on Linux – from camera to display – while maximizing performance. We’ll examine and compare popular open-source libraries for vision, including Yocto, ffmpeg, gstreamer, V4L2, OpenCV, OpenVX, OpenCL and OpenGL. Which components do you need and why? We will also summarize the steps required to build and test complete video pipelines, common integration problems to avoid and how to work around issues to get the best performance possible on embedded systems.


Clay D. Montgomery

Freelance Embedded Multimedia Developer

Clay D. Montgomery is a freelance developer who has been building embedded software and hardware for 3D graphics and video for decades. His expertise is leveraging open-source software on Linux to accelerate 3D and vision multimedia using GPUs on ARM SoCs. He previously worked at AMX, TI, Nokia, Philips and STB Systems. Clay has also authored published articles for the Intel Developer Zone, Texas Instruments and Montgomery One.

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