Can We Have Both Safety and Performance in AI for Autonomous Vehicles?

Wednesday, May 22, 11:20 AM - 11:50 AM
Summit Track: 
Technical Insights I
Mission City B1-B5

The need for ensuring safety in AI subsystems within autonomous vehicles is obvious. How to achieve it is not. Standard safety engineering tools are designed for software that runs on general-purpose CPUs. But AI algorithms require more performance than CPUs provide, and the specialized processors employed to achieve this performance are very difficult to qualify for safety. How can we achieve the redundancy and very strict testing required to achieve safety, while also using specialized processors to achieve AI performance? How can ISO 26262 be applied to AI accelerators? How can standard automotive practices like coverage checking and MISRA coding guidelines be used? We believe that safe autonomous vehicle AI subsystems are achievable, but only with cross-industry collaboration. In this presentation, we’ll examine the challenges of implementing safe autonomous vehicle AI subsystems and explain the most promising approaches for overcoming these challenges, including leveraging standards bodies such as Khronos, MISRA and AUTOSAR.


Andrew Richards

CEO & Co-Founder, Codeplay

CEO and Co-founder of Codeplay, a pioneer in GPU acceleration, Andrew started his career writing video games in the days of 8-bit computers, progressing to become a lead games programmer at Eutechnyx, where he wrote best-selling titles such as Pete Sampras Tennis and Total Drivin’. Andrew researched and developed early GPU compiler technology, and founded Codeplay in 2002. Codeplay has been producing compilers for games consoles, special-purpose processors and GPUs since then. As well as being CEO and Co-founder of Codeplay Software Ltd, Andrew is also the Chair of the Software working group of the HSA Foundation and former Chair of the SYCL™ for OpenCL™ sub-group of the Khronos Group. Today, Codeplay is a world-leading specialist in heterogeneous computing technology, now working on artificial intelligence and safety for self-driving cars.

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