Designing Home Monitoring Cameras for Scale

Tuesday, May 21, 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM
Summit Track: 
Technical Insights II
Mission City M1-M3

In this talk we’ll discuss how we design smart home video cameras to make neighborhoods safer. In particular, we’ll focus on three key elements of the system that are critical to the overall quality of the product. First, we’ll discuss creating a reliable and robust motion detection algorithm, which is used to detect security events and provide alerts to users. A central challenge here is creating a motion detection algorithm that’s reliable and robust under all environmental conditions: indoor or outdoor, day or night, sun or rain, etc. Next, we’ll examine another challenge related to environmental conditions: rendering video content that people can usefully view across this wide range of imaging conditions. Finally, we’ll explore the challenge of making video streaming work reliably under different network conditions. For each of these challenges, we’ll present techniques that are scalable for mass production devices.


Ilya Brailovskiy

Principal Engineer, Ring

Ilya Brailovskiy is a Principal Engineer in the Computer Vision Software team at Ring Lab126. At Ring, Ilya Brailovskiy is leading End to End Image Quality technology for Camera products. Before joining Amazon, Mr. Brailovskiy worked in architecture, engineering and research leadership roles at Intel. Prior to Intel, Mr. Brailovskiy worked with various companies to design, implement and optimize imaging, signal processing, artificial intelligence and compression algorithms. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, and has authored scientific papers and patents. Mr. Brailovskiy is Amazon’s technical representative to the Alliance for Open Media, co-chairing AV1 testing group. When not at work, you may see Ilya on hiking trails in the SF Bay Area and vicinity.

Changsoo Jeong

Head of Algorithm, Ring

Changsoo Jeong is the Head of Algorithm at Ring. Changsoo is designing Ring motion algorithms to deliver customer centric motion algorithms to customers at Ring. He was one of the earlier members of Ring and had worked on video, audio and algorithm design on the Ring cameras. He formerly worked as a computer vision scientist at HRL lab in Malibu, CA where he worked on several major computer vision projects from DoD, Boeing and GM.

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