Fundamental Security Challenges of Embedded Vision

Wednesday, May 22, 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Summit Track: 
Room 203/204

As facial recognition, surveillance and smart vehicles become an accepted part of our daily lives, product and chip designers are coming to grips with the business need to secure the data that passes through their systems. Training data, the resulting model data and how decisions are made and acted on can be proprietary information for the product, and important to keep out of competitors’ hands. Inputs from sensors and cameras can contain legally protected data, and the data may create ethical and privacy concerns as cameras and microphones in homes, cars and public settings explode in number. This presentation will describe typical security concerns in vision systems today, including potential weaknesses in training-to-inferencing systems where data can be compromised, and discuss different approaches to security.


Mike Borza

Principal Security Technologist, Synopsys

Mike has more than 25 years of leadership and technology experience in security and safety-critical systems engineering. He specializes in design and development of security technologies for integrated circuits. He was founder and CTO of Elliptic Technologies, acquired by Synopsys in 2015. His previous experience includes Chrysalis-ITS (now Gemalto), Ankari (now part of HID Global), and Alcatel Transport Automation. He has been an active contributor to the Security Task Group of IEEE 802.1; was an editor of the 802.1AR Secure Device Identifier standard; was a founding member of the prpl Foundation and co-chair of its security engineering group; co-chairs the EEMBC IoT security benchmark working group; and is vice chair of the Accellera IP Security Assurance working group. He holds more than 25 US patents, has authored many security articles and whitepapers and is a frequent presenter on security at industry events around the globe. He is based in Ottawa, Canada.

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