Game Changing Depth Sensing Technique Enables Simpler, More Flexible 3D Solutions

Wednesday, May 22, 4:55 PM - 5:25 PM
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Enabling Technologies
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Magik-Eye is a global team of computer vision veterans that have developed a new method to determine depth from light directly without the need to measure time, find a complex pattern or perform complex computation. The Magik-Eye technique dramatically reduces the power, compute and size of a depth sensing module while enabling a wide range of FOV, point resolutions, material sensitivities and distances. This presentation will discuss the new technique and show working samples in action.


Takeo Miyazawa

Founder and CEO, Magik Eye

Takeo Miyazawa started his career as a computer software architect while studying cognitive science at Sophia university in Tokyo, Japan. For over 30 years he has been a scientific entrepreneur for computer vision/AI companies in Japan, Israel, India and the US. He commercialized the first generation of structured light 3D depth sensors for automotive body inspection 20 years ago at Cognitens, an Israel-based company. Since then, Takeo developed several computer vision products and applications for a variety of companies. He began Magik Eye from a collaboration with a team of PhDs and computer vision veterans to explore a new, more efficient and robust method to detect depth from light directly. Magik Eye's new technique is simpler, more flexible, lower power and smaller than other depth sensing methods.

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