Four Robust Days of Learning and Networking

Embedded Vision Summit

Four In-depth Tracks at the 2019 Summit

This year, on Tuesday, May 21 and Wednesday, May 22, we'll have four distinct tracks with talks by more than 100 computer vision technology and business leaders. Here’s a quick overview of our tracks. Click on the links below for details of each track.

Technical Insights Track

Keeping up with the rapid pace of vision technology advances can be overwhelming. Accelerate your learning curve and uncover practical techniques in computer vision by attending this track. Find both introductory and advanced "how-to" sessions on tools, algorithms and techniques across all types of applications–cloud, embedded, mobile and wearable–presented by the industry’s top technologists.

Ideal for application, system and software designers, and developers seeking practical approaches you can bring into your products.

Technical Insights Track I schedule

Technical Insights Track II schedule

Business Insights Track

As computer vision has evolved from its research origins and becomes ripe for mainstream deployment, possibility turns into practical business opportunity. Expand your horizons in this track, facilitated by industry innovators, analysts and experts. Discover the latest market and technology trends and hear how industry leaders are bringing value to a wide range of industries using computer vision.

Ideal for business executives, marketers, analysts and investors seeking an understanding of the commercial computer vision landscape.

Business Insights Track schedule

Enabling Technologies Track

Learn about the latest computer vision tools, processors and other technologies that you can use to develop practical, marketable and innovative products now. Ideal for product developers, engineers and business leaders seeking technologies to enable bringing visual intelligence into new products.

Enabling Technologies Track schedule

Fundamentals Track

This new track features introductory tutorials led by computer vision technology leaders and is perfect for those who are new to the embedded vision field–or to some aspects of it. You’ll get a fast-track technical learning experience delivering practical computer vision know-how that you can put to work right away.

Fundamentals Track schedule

See you at the Summit! May 20-23 in Santa Clara, California!
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