Using Blockchain to Create Trusted Embedded Vision Systems

Wednesday, May 22, 4:20 PM - 4:50 PM
Summit Track: 
Enabling Technologies
Exhibit Hall ET 2

In many IoT architectures, sensor data must be passed to cloud services for further processing. Traditionally, trusted third parties have been used to secure this data. In this talk we explore an alternative approach: the use of a blockchain network structure, which can reduce operating costs and help keep systems verifiable and trustworthy. Using the Ethereum blockchain as an example, we illustrate a technique to keep the system free from “trusted-third-parties” and will reference real-world example applications, such as facial-recognition-based payment systems.


Thies Möller

Technical Architect, Basler

Thies Möller joined Basler in 2004 to work on the embedded software platform for Basler’s industrial cameras and has most recently been responsible for the system architecture of Basler’s embedded vision products. He has had multiple engineering roles at Basler including the system architect for Basler’s midrange product portfolio, the system architect for Basler’s embedded software platform and the lead engineer for Basler’s ace industrial camera product line. Thies has done more than 12 years of standardization work in the machine vision standards groups for USB3Vision, GigEVision and GenICam. He has a Dipl. Ing. degree in electronics engineering specialized on computer architectures.

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