Vision Tank Start-Up Competition

Wednesday, May 22, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Summit Track: 
Business Insights

The Vision Tank is the Embedded Vision Summit’s annual start-up competition, showcasing the best new ventures using computer vision and visual AI in their products or services. Open to early-stage companies, entrants are judged on four criteria: technology innovation, business plan, team and business opportunity.

Two awards are given out each year: the Judges’ Award and the Audience Choice Award. The winner of the Vision Tank Judges’ Award will receive a $5,000 cash prize, and both winners will each receive a one-year membership in the Embedded Vision Alliance (a $12,000 value). They’ll also get one-on-one advice from the judges, as well as valuable introductions to potential investors, customers, employees and suppliers.

Each finalist will pitch their company and product to a panel of investors and industry experts in front of the audience at the Embedded Vision Summit on Wednesday, May 22, 2019! Winners will be announced at the end of that session.

Meet the 2019 Vision Tank Finalists!

From a record field of 50 outstanding entrants our judges had a hard time picking. But after intense deliberation the finalists are ...

BlinkAI Technologies utilizes machine learning to enhance sensor performance, extending the range of what cameras can see and detect in the real world. Building upon proprietary deep learning techniques, the company has developed robust low-light video inference deployed on efficient low-power devices for camera-embedded systems. Presenter: Bo Zhu, CTO.

Entropix provides better vision for computer vision. Its patented technology employs dual sensor cameras with AI and deep learning software to extract extreme levels of detail from video and still images for ultra-accurate intelligent video analytics. This patented computational resolution reconstruction supercharges video data analytics detection and classification. Presenter: Dwight Linden, COO and Co-founder.

Robotic Materials enables robotic components with human-like manipulation skills for the robotics industry. The company provides a sensing hand mechanism using tactile sensing, stereo vision, and high-performance embedded vision to mimic the tight integration of sensing, actuation, computation, and communication found in natural systems. Presenter: Austin Miller, Robotics Engineer.

Strayos is a 3D visual AI platform using drone images to reduce cost and improve efficiency in job sites. Its software helps mining and quarry operators optimize the placement of drill holes and quantities of explosives and improve site productivity and safety by providing highly accurate survey data analytics. Presenter: Ravi Sahu, CEO.

Vyrill is focused on helping to understand and interpret the massive amount of user-generated video content (UGVC) on social media and the web and offers a proprietary AI-powered platform for UGVC discovery, analytics, licensing and content marketing to help brand marketers better understand their customers. Presenter: Barbara Rosario, CTO and Co-founder.

Come watch these finalists present at the Embedded Vision Summit on Wednesday, May 22, 2019!


Austin Miller

Robotics Engineer, Robotic Materials

Austin Miller, holds a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is the lead engineer at Robotic Materials Inc. and designer of Robotic Materials’ Smart Hand. Austin has also led RM Inc.’s participation at the "Assembly Challenge" at the World Robot Summit in Tokyo, Japan, where his team's contributions on bin picking and vision-based assembly have been awarded with a Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers President's award.

Barbara Rosario

CTO and Co-founder, Vyrill

Dr. Barbara Rosario holds a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, School of Information and a Master in Physics from Italy. She has worked as research scientist at the Media Lab, MIT, University of Cambridge UK and at Intel Corp., Santa Clara. She has written numerous scientific papers and is a patent holder in the fields of natural language processing and machine learning and has published a book on extracting semantic information from text.

Bo Zhu

CTO, BlinkAI

Bo Zhu is the CTO of BlinkAI, a spin-off from imaging research he developed as a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard. At BlinkAI, he leads the development of machine learning techniques to accelerate high-fidelity CMOS image acquisition and reconstruction in difficult environments. His Ph.D. thesis at MIT focused on boosting the imaging sensitivity of magnetic resonance contrast agents. His most recent academic work published in Nature rethinks the conventional image reconstruction signal processing pipeline with a fully automated deep learning approach, significantly improving images with rapidly acquired low-quality raw data, setting a computational foundation for accelerating discovery of novel acquisition strategies and hardware designs. 

Dwight Linden

COO and Co-founder, Entropix

Dwight Linden is the COO and co-founder of Entropix.  A serial entrepreneur who has achieved success by building companies from the ground up providing general and operational guidance and management both overseas and in Silicon Valley. His track record includes Russian start-ups  of RadioPage, and Interlink Services while also optimizing operations at larger companies such as Star Travel and HRS. His expertise in fundraising and operational management provided the catalyst for many companies to run successfully for many years beyond his active involvement.

Ravi Sahu

Founder & CEO, Strayos

Ravi Sahu is a founder and CEO of Strayos. Before founding Strayos, he spent more than 12 years working globally with Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Verizon and British Telecom in various roles, from product management to the building of teams for large digital transformation projects. His area of expertise is in artificial intelligence and data analytics. He holds an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and a computer science engineering degree from India.

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