Visual AI Applications and Technologies: Trends and Opportunities

Wednesday, May 22, 1:35 PM - 2:05 PM
Summit Track: 
Business Insights

We’re entering a golden age of computer vision. Rapid advances in enabling technologies, such as algorithms and processors, are making it easier than ever before to incorporate visual intelligence into systems, and to meet the tough cost, size and power consumption constraints typical of high-volume end-products.
In this presentation, we’ll explore the diverse range of vision-based systems that are being deployed at scale across many industries, and highlight some of the biggest opportunities and challenges facing developers of vision-based end-products.
We’ll then drill down and examine system developers’ technology choices and challenges, using data from the Embedded Vision Alliance’s unique survey of end-product developers. Based on this data, we will explore some of the most promising opportunities for companies supplying building-block technologies that enable system developers to incorporate computer vision into their products.


Jeff Bier

Founder, Embedded Vision Alliance / President, BDTI

Jeff Bier is president of BDTI. For over 25 years BDTI has helped hundreds of companies select the right technologies and develop optimized, custom algorithms and software for demanding applications in audio, video, machine learning and computer vision. If you are choosing between processor options for your next design, need a custom algorithm to solve a unique visual perception problem, or need to fit demanding algorithms into a small cost/size/power envelope, BDTI can help. Jeff also oversees the Embedded Vision Alliance, a partnership of 90+ technology companies that works to enable the widespread use of practical computer vision and to help companies find their best opportunities in this burgeoning space. Jeff is a frequent keynote and invited speaker at industry conferences.

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