What’s Changing in Autonomous Vehicle Investments Worldwide – and Why?

Tuesday, May 21, 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM
Summit Track: 
Business Insights

So far, over $100B has been invested by industry into the development of autonomous vehicles (AVs), and the pace of investment has recently accelerated. In this talk, we present extensive data and analysis showing how this capital is being allocated among different categories of companies, including the autonomous vehicle makers themselves and the developers of enabling technologies such as sensors, AI software and AI processors. We also show how the flows of AV investment capital are shifting worldwide. We examine the regulatory forces at work in different parts of the world and their likely impact on investment capital, and analyze the impact of the U.S. government’s recent foreign-investment-related actions on investments in U.S. AV companies. Finally, we discuss where the AV market is today relative to Gartner’s “hype curve” and how long it will likely take the market participants to start generating returns on invested capital.


Rudy Burger

Managing Partner, Woodside Capital

For over 25 years, Rudy Burger has worked with computer vision, digital imaging and embedded camera technologies as a founder, operating executive and advisor. He has developed both a deep technical expertise and an awareness of market opportunity dynamics in these sectors that he leverages to guide his clients toward strategic successes. Rudy is the Managing Partner of Woodside Capital Partners and works with growth stage technology companies to execute local and cross-border M&A transactions and private placements. At Woodside Capital, he is currently focused on the advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicle sectors. His professional experience includes executive roles with NEC, Visioneer and Xerox as well as founding the MIT Media Lab Europe. He currently serves on the board of Seeing Machines plc (AIM: SEE). Rudy holds degrees from Yale (BSc and MSc in electrical engineering) and Cambridge (Ph.D. in digital imaging).

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